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Another massive 40kW Commercial Grid Connect Solar System we installed a few weeks ago. This system comprises 148x Jinko  JKM270PP-60 270W solar panels, 2x Fronius Symo 15.0-3-M inverters and a 3 Phase Fronius Smart Meter.

With the solar feed-in-tariff at 10.1c per kilowatt hour it is far more beneficial for your solar energy to be consumed, rather than feeding it in to the grid, saving you as much as 51c per kilowatt hour.

Commercial solar systems are a no brainer in this respect as most commercial power usage is during daylight hours when your system is producing power, negating the need to buy your power from the grid.

Recently we have been doing quite a lot of large, commercial systems and have great buying power for the best quality products. We are consistently the cheapest in North Queensland for high quality systems and our installations are second to none.